How to order our products?
Please note that we sell to wholesaler (dealer) only. Thus, it is necessary that you register with us.
After registering you will get our pricelist and information frequently. Our registration form you can find in the footer menu or register right now here!
The order is then informally via email. You will receive a confirmation and an invoice with VAT. For merchants (dealers) from abroad the VAT can be omitted, depending on the origin and legal requirements.
Price and Product List
The current price list you will receive cyclically via email. It may happen that price fluctuate due to the exchange rate, which can be quite a positive impact on the wholesale price. Also price affecting transport, insurance and manufacturing. However, we are always interested a fair and stable price to offer.
minimum order
We accept a minimum order of 5000 pieces (in total). You receive an attractive wholesale price.
distribution law
KATTA Sleeves is a registered trademark and has the distribution rights for Europe (distribution license). It is NOT allowed that accessories to sell under a different name. Violators will be prosecuted.
As a dealer it is allowed to resell and distribute the goods to third dealer to considering the license terms.
A return is excluded. Should serious quality defects are present, we will replace the goods free of costs. A guarantee can not be accepted, because it is a consumable item. The materials used are subject to the international manufacturing guidelines and contain no hazardous materials.

About us

KATTA Sleeves
c/o Andre Schneider
Gustav-Adolf-Str. 7
13086 Berlin


Email: order@katta-sleeves.com
Phone: +49 (0)30 92407607