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We offer a range of products in Accessories for audiophile media of all kinds. The special feature is the usage of special materials and manufacturing processes. The permanently ongoing trend for analogue sound carriers in Japan leads to the steadily increasing quality in terms of accessories. Our products are manufactured exclusively in Japan. We guarantee that all our products are made with care and with high quality characteristics.

In our product portfolio you will find a variety of cases and packaging. We make every effort to continue to complete this offer. Likewise, we will offer in the near future other accessories.

Quality features for inne sleeves are:

  • extremely thin, yet tear-resistant quality workmanship
  • Case fits in the original paper inlays, LP cover are characterized not "thick"
  • the LPs are easy to remove
  • antistatic
  • the shells are lying and wrinkle free
  • protect from damage and dust

Quality features outer shells are:

  • very thin
  • Resealable (adhesive hinge)
  • Transparency
  • tearproof
  • protects against dust and dirt
  • quality optics (like original packaging, as an exact fit for disks and CDs)

Please note that we only sell our products to distributors. More information can be found here. For consumers, we offer smaller quantities at fair prices in our Japan-Records Shop.

Any queries we like are available. Please use our contact form or call us. We are pleased to be able to offer a quality product and we are sure that the quality is convincing you.

About us

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